Salvation Army Housing Association

Salvation Army Housing Association

About Us

<p>Our mission is to <em>Transform Lives</em>. Our experience has taught us that the people we house

and support often need extra help to unlock their talents, fulfil their potential and work towards

their aspirations. We believe that each person has equal dignity and worth and we see a

diverse society as positive and enriching both for communities and individuals. Our support

services (most of which are also accommodation based) reach people across a wide spectrum

of needs - from domestic violence to mental health to our young people foyers; and via our

agency partners, for people recovering from substance mis-use to ex-offenders. The

commonality in the stories of all these individuals is the difference that Saha makes in helping

people to pause, reflect and transition. That support is sometimes in the moment in the

immediacy of a crisis and sometimes long-term co-created support that enables people to move forward and live happy, fulfilled lives.